Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buyer's Feedback

Buyer's Feedback ....

to all my previous buyer , u r welkem to give me ur feeback here :) i`ll try 2 keep improving my previous service ...thanx 2 all my buyer ...


smf6680 said...

cute/nice seller.. will deal with u again
p/s:kreta bank tuuuuu.. hak3x

ella said...

hp working superb..hehe
bought three handphones from her ody..
smooth deal..hehe
will refer to her if wanna buy another hp..

Len Strange said...

thanx ella..
my super duper buyer :)
recomended buyer!

mus said...

Elloop..1st of All..thanks ya Len..
The P1i working superb..
You All guys..honestly speaking..this lady is a honest 1 and trully sincere in her business.

Just give her apa model lu mau..she can deliver it

Len Strange said...

thanx 4 d feedback mus ...
bha .. klu mau carik hp lagik ...
kontek sj aku k ?
nice deal wif u :)
thanx 4 trust me as ur seller ..

inqera-wardrobe said...

1st time buying her..
smooth dealing n no problem at all..
n recomend 2 all who wan to buy phone from her..
love da phone by the way hehehe..
n thanks 4 da ole-ole ya len hehehe..

james bon said...

thanks Len...
hp working superb... no major scratch
hp like new. =_=
nice seller, smooth deal n can trust
want deal with u again =_=
2 all, dont fear, afraid f u wan buy phon
from her. she can help u get wat model u wan.

Len Strange said...

thanx 2 eqin and james ..
hope u all enjoy wif ur new 2nd phone :)
thanx 4 u all support ..
really appreciate ...

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