Thursday, August 27, 2009


House Of Used Phones [Nice Conditions with Very Cheap Price!]
Important Notice to ALL my buyer :
Please be advise that all phones im selling here were Used phone..
All Phones Will be given 3 days PERSONAL WARRANTY..
For you to claim if there is a problem on your phone ..except problem wif software cuz buyer can easyly modid d fon.
For COD Members :
Please Test the phone kaw kaw during COD , althought the warranty will be given..
This is to avoid unwanted issue to happent ..
RM20 - RM50 Deposit Required Before COD or Reserve, This is to avoid joy buyers n Buyer FFK/MIA,unless u can go 2 my place.
Thanks for your Co-operations!
Lastly , Hope All my buyes will enjoy shopping with me ^^ Cheers!!
My Purpose doen dis biz is tryink to give used phone below market SHOP price...f u think my price is over than SHOP price, do let me knoe!
im doen this Part Time trader 2 gain HALAL side income..not to make my buyer LOOSE....!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buyer's Feedback

Buyer's Feedback ....

to all my previous buyer , u r welkem to give me ur feeback here :) i`ll try 2 keep improving my previous service ...thanx 2 all my buyer ...

Friday, July 10, 2009



Semua model di atas boleh di order mengikut permintaan …
Macamana mau order ?
-Pilih model yang menepati citarasa anda , saya akan sediakan gambar asal hp tersebut untuk anda melihat sendiri condition handphone .
-Sedikit deposit di perlukan untuk mengelakkan pembeli cancel order .
-Deposit untuk handphone yang bernilai di bawah rm300 , hanya rm50 di perlukan dan untuk yang bernilai bawah Rm600 , Rm100 deposit di perlukan dan seterusnya.
- Confirm order di tutup setiap hari RABU , dan pembeli akan mendapat handphone pada setiap ISNIN seterusnya .
- Deposit tidak akan di kembalikan jika cancel order .
- Harga berubah mengikut pasaran .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SOLD ITEM (My Tradelist start this blog open)

Sharp 902sh SOLD to Nicholas Vun

thanx mate u r GOOD buyer,FASTER TRANSACTION,thanx 4 trustink me as ur Seller :) Nice deal wif u n i hope can deal wif u again mate...

Asus MyPal A620 For Sale.. (mini laptop) SOLD to En.Matahir From bt.7

Thanx 2 buyer...GOOD DEAL wif u, willing to go my place 2 deal. FASTER DEAL...THANX for support ME..!!

N76 SOLD to Cikgu Sukarni bt Paiman

ITEM SOLD TO NICE BUYER on 11 jun 2009...very SMOOTH..xbanyak Songeh..

Nokia 6820 Rare Item!! - Sold to Mr.J
Resit CityLink To Mr.J

Item sold at 24/6/09 to nice buyer MR.J, thanx sir u are really super duper GOOD buyer :) FAST TRANSACTION...FAST DEAL....!!thanx 4 support me...!resit will upload soon after i post out....

SOLD TO SYAM cod wif him 12/7

Nice buyer , faster deal eheh bingung2 cari kedudukanya masa mau cod di kk my ex super senior cni kampus...

SOLD To MRr.Ramzi(kk) 27/6

THANX To Buyer Mr.Ramzi, Nice deal , smooth , Fast Transction ... hope to deal wif u again mate!


DEAL SMS b4 SAMPAI LABUAN hehe so reserve for her...


NICE kajen hehe


COD wif her d kk b4 mau berangkat ke LABUAN
THANX to Buyer :) hope to deal wif u again ah miss ...


cod wif him UMSKAL 7/8, nice buyer...


Faster Deal, call ja trus datang cni kampus .. nice buyer..n nice car u have bro hehe

Nokia 6288 Sold to Mr.***** COD UMSKAL

NiCe deal wif u....thanx mate!

N76 SOLD to ELLA cod KK

sweett n nice buyer .. hehehe nice deal, will inform u f got new stock ya..wait seja :)

SOLD to Mr.Mahmudin Post to kuching
Faster deal, nice deal wif u bro ...

Nokia 6280 SOLD to ELla
My Previous buyer, angkat skali 2unit dis time wif SE w850, Thanx 4 ur support !

Newgen x 2unit SOLD to my Sista

SE W880i SOLD to ALI cod UmsKAL – thanx to buyer faster deal .. nice  hope 2 deal again ya ..

SE k530i SOLD to my Lil Bro ..

SE P1i Fullset SOLD to MUS - thanx to buyer waitink 4 order arrive :) nice buyer ..

No.Pic (xsempat mau snap )
N71 - SOLD to Kat cod Umskal 31/7
Nokia 6600 SOLD to Shibrah my collegue COD UMSKAL 6/8
SE w850 Rm289 SOLD to Ella by Postage to kk
N73 Rm399 Sold to M.K Cod sdk
Moto V3x Grey Sold to Miss Sherry Cod Kk
N73 Rm430 Sold to Mdm Ying Cod LB

Monday, May 25, 2009

1st Post

1st post cuma mau merasmikan blog nie.. ehhe welkemback to blogger world...