Thursday, August 27, 2009


House Of Used Phones [Nice Conditions with Very Cheap Price!]
Important Notice to ALL my buyer :
Please be advise that all phones im selling here were Used phone..
All Phones Will be given 3 days PERSONAL WARRANTY..
For you to claim if there is a problem on your phone ..except problem wif software cuz buyer can easyly modid d fon.
For COD Members :
Please Test the phone kaw kaw during COD , althought the warranty will be given..
This is to avoid unwanted issue to happent ..
RM20 - RM50 Deposit Required Before COD or Reserve, This is to avoid joy buyers n Buyer FFK/MIA,unless u can go 2 my place.
Thanks for your Co-operations!
Lastly , Hope All my buyes will enjoy shopping with me ^^ Cheers!!
My Purpose doen dis biz is tryink to give used phone below market SHOP price...f u think my price is over than SHOP price, do let me knoe!
im doen this Part Time trader 2 gain HALAL side income..not to make my buyer LOOSE....!!


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